How will Quibi Change the Future of Mobile Video Streaming?

How will Quibi Change the Future of Mobile Video Streaming?

Quibi plans to revolutionise video streaming with high-production budgets and star-power

Quibi, short for “quick bites”, plans to revolutionise video streaming by delivering increments of Hollywood-quality videos to your phone. The app launches on 6 April 2020.

Founder, Jeffrey Katzenberg, explained that Quibi hopes to fill a space that falls between mainstream platforms. They “will produce premium content in bite-sized chunks,” he said in a recent interview with The Verge.

The platform’s goal is to capture people’s attention during the in-between moments. Rather than competing with Netflix or Disney +, Quibi will be similar to Tiktok, but for highly produced, Hollywood-quality content.

Unlike Tiktok, users will need to purchase a membership to cover premium production costs. Subscriptions are rather expensive at $5 a month with ads or $8 ad-free.

Is it worth purchasing a Quibi subscription?

Quibi hopes their signature technology, Turnstyle, will be enough to convince users to part with their cash for a subscription.

Katzenberg hopes that high production budgets and Quibi’s signature technology, Turnstyle, will convince users to pay up.

Turnstyle is created by filming and editing every video (and ad) to be viewed both horizontally and vertically. Users can seamlessly view the same video from a different point of view by rotating their phone.

“The technology will be crucial to the start-up’s success”, says Katzenberg. Turnstyle is “meaningfully, measurably, quantifiably, creatively different”, and “unlike anything creators have had before,” he told The Verge.

Meg Whitman, CEO of Quibi, believes that the coupling of Hollywood-quality content and Turnstyle technology will revolutionise the industry.

Turnstyle will “make viewing short-form content on your mobile extraordinary,” she said in an interview with CNN Business. “What we’re trying to do is bring together the best of Hollywood and the best of Silicon Valley.”

However, not everyone thinks the Turnstyle technology is enough to warrant purchasing a subscription. Quibi released a trailer for the service on 26 February.  “Quibi: Coming To A Phone Near You April 6”.

One user, Gaby421912, commented on the trailer, “I’d rather watch YouTube for free.” Another user, vvolves, commented, “might as well just burn a giant pile of money.”

What should you watch on Quibi when it launches?

If Turnstyle isn’t enough to convince users to pay for a subscription, Quibi hopes that brute star power will be. They have released a star-studded list of programs, which include headline names ranging from Kendall Jenner to Zac Efron.

Other big-name deals include award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg and former DC Entertainment president Diane NelsonAvengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo also have an original Quibi series in the works.

Quibi plans to release a total of 8,500 episodes across 175 shows in its first year. “Movies in Chapters” will include films told in chapters of seven to ten minutes. Meanwhile, news programming from brands including NBC and CBS will be available in “Daily Essentials”. The platform will also host a range of unscripted reality content and short-form documentaries.

Some notable shows to look out for include:

Survivedirected by Mark Pellington, will feature Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins. The drama series follows Jane (Turner) and Paul (Hawkins) as they fight for their lives in the snowy wilderness after their plane crashes.

Action-thriller Most Dangerous Game will star Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz. Terminally ill Dodge (Hemsworth) unwittingly takes part in a dangerous game in a bid to care for his pregnant wife.

Quibi will feature a range of household names including Kristen Bell, Zac Efron and Tyra Banks.

“RuPaul Drag Race” winner Sasha Velour will headline Nightgowns. Viewers follow Velour as she turns her art into a stage production and the biggest drag showcase of her life.

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